Sail Smooth Through Saudi Transit! – Your Go-To Guide for Saudi Transit Visas

With a transit visa, you have the flexibility to pause briefly in a country while on your way to another destination, making it convenient for changing flights during extensive travels. The need for one, however, depends on your passport power and where you are having your mini layover adventure. Every destination allows transit visas for those who need it, and Saudi Arabia does the same. The Saudi Transit Visa stands apart from other transit visas, which limit travelers from spending their layover inside the airport. With a Saudi transit visa, they can decide to spend their layover exploring Saudi Arabia and depart from the airport. Curious to know about it? Here’s a rundown on a Saudi Transit visa for you if you need one just in case you need one during future travels.

Saudi Transit Visa – An Overview

Saudi Arabia Visa Approved with Rubber Stamp and flag.

For those wondering ‘what is a Saudi Transit Visa?, the simple explanation would be that it is a visa that can let you deboard a flight at a Saudi airport, pass through the terminals, and board another flight from the Saudi airport to another country. But it doesn’t just do that! The visa gives permission to enter Saudi Arabia for 96 hours! This visa provides a fantastic chance to explore Saudi Arabia’s wonders and undertake spiritual pilgrimages to Mecca. With a Saudi transit visa, you get the chance to get a glimpse into the country’s captivating attractions during layovers on long-haul flights. If possible, on your travels, this opportunity to delve into Saudi Arabia’s rich culture and visit historical landmarks should not be missed. Whether you are wandering and admiring architectural marvels or connecting with the spiritual essence of Mecca, this visa opens doors to unforgettable experiences. You need to apply for and obtain a Saudi transit visa before arriving at the Saudi Arabia airport. Once received, its validity cannot be extended and is valid for 90 days from the date it is granted by the Saudi Embassy.

Saudi Transit Visa Process

Getting a Saudi Transit Visa is quite easy. All you need to remember is that you have all the right documents. The main essential documents required are:

  • A current, undamaged passport is the primary requisite. To get a transit visa, the passport’s validity should not expire for six months after you enter Saudi Arabia. There must be a minimum of two blank pages in the passport.
  • Recently taken colour photographs as per Saudi visa photo guidelines
  • Travel insurance.
  • Confirmed tickets for your connecting flights to a destination that isn’t your home country.
  • Travel details such as accommodation bookings.

The Saudi transit visa can be applied online. No need to go through time-consuming embassy visits! Saudi Transit visa application is, hence, quite convenient and can be applied from the comfort of your home or office. Keep all these Saudi transit visa requirements ready before you log on to the official website for a Saudi transit visa. The steps to follow are pretty easy and quick:

  • Log on to the official website for Saudi Transit Visa application.
  • Enter all the information asked correctly and completely.
  • Make sure all the details provided match your supporting documents. Any error, misinformation, or incomplete information can lead to visa rejection.
  • Upload and submit all the documents required for smooth visa processing.
  • Double-check your application before finalizing your application submission and paying the Saudi transit visa fee.

With the payment of visa fees, the visa application is formally submitted. After this step, modifications, if any, are not possible. You will need to apply for a new Saudi transit visa if the visa is denied due to errors or incomplete information. In addition, there are no refunds for the visa fees under any circumstances. The email address you provided on the visa application form will be used to send you the visa once it is approved.

That’s it! Just take a printout of the transit visa and keep it with you while traveling to Saudi Arabia, as you will need to present it at the immigration checkpoint after your arrival. The whole process is simple and straightforward, but if you do not want to shoulder the task of a visa application, you can get in touch with a reputed visa application centre and apply for your Saudi transit visa through them. This way, they can assist you with all requisites and support for a seamless visa application experience.

Saudi Transit Visa Processing Time and Visa Fee

There is no fee for a Saudi Arabia transit visa. The only costs you will incur are processing and travel insurance charges. Just like Dubai transit visa, the Saudi transit visa also takes just around 3 to 7 working days. Even though you will get the visa within a week, it is better to be safe than sorry and apply for a visa in advance, at least 15 to 20 days before your travel date, so it does not become a last-minute hassle.


With a Saudi transit visa, you can quickly and easily explore the country, which may inspire a longer, more extensive visit. Being a free of cost visa with very less paperwork compared to Saudi travel visas, it is an ideal choice to acquire a Saudi transit to visit this charming Middle Eastern destination. Through this Saudi Transit visa guide, you can take advantage of this visa type and explore a budget-friendly transit option to discover Saudi Arabia for a short time.


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