Sample Invitation Letter for Turkey Visa with Guide

Applying for a Turkey visa for the first time, with zero travel history? Or apprehensive about the new Turkey visa application, as the previous one got rejected? Sometimes, even if one has a valid passport, has fulfilled the requirements for Turkey visa photo, and has submitted all the documents in the list, one may get a Turkey visa application rejection. In either case, a Turkey invitation letter will act as a savior. An invitation letter is not a mandatory document in the list of important documents one must submit while applying for a Turkey visa. But the invitation letter can add value to the visa application and speed up the process. But what exactly is an invitation letter, what is its importance, who can write it, and how to write one are a few questions that one has. Here is a comprehensive guide that will give all the important details about the invitation letter for Turkey.

What is a Turkey Invitation Letter?

A man writing a visa application letter.

An invitation letter is a formal document that is usually addressed to the Turkey Embassy or Consulate in the country of the applicant. Alternatively, it can also be a letter addressed to the applicant or invitee. Both these documents are acceptable, although the former is more popular. The person who is inviting the applicant to Turkey establishes his/her relationship with the applicant and states the reason for the invitee’s visit. Apart from this, the person also needs to state that he/she would be supporting the visitor financially during their visit to Turkey.

Who can Write the Turkey Invitation Letter?

The Turkey invitation letter must be written by a citizen of Turkey. It can also be written by a legal permanent resident of the country. The person’s passport and visa details must be submitted to ensure the letter’s validity.

How to Write a Turkey Invitation Letter?

If the letter is addressed to the consulate or embassy of Turkey, it should have a formal tone. It can be addressed to a friend or relative (the invitee); it should have an informal or casual tone. But the details of both the letters would be the same. Here are the details to be included in the letter:

  • Begin the letter by mentioning the date on which the letter is written. The date on the letter should only be a month before the date of the Turkey visa appointment.
  • All the details of the letter writer should be included. This includes the letter writer or host’s full name, birth date, and occupation. The person’s occupation and type of home (whether it is a flat, house, or a room as well as whether it is owned or rented) should also be mentioned.
  • The letter should have details like whether the host is a citizen of Turkey or if he/she is a legal resident of the country. People with a student visa and work visa can also write this letter.
  • The guest’s full name and passport details should be mentioned in the letter. The letter should also include some other personal details like address, telephone number, and date of birth.
  • The relationship of the host with the guest or invitee should be mentioned. The invitee can be the host’s spouse, parent, friend, relative, child, sibling, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc.
  • The next thing to mention in the letter is the purpose of the visit. The purpose can be tourism or business. Some other reasons may include attending an event, function, conference, exhibition, meeting, etc.
  • It is necessary to mention the itinerary of the entire trip. This includes the places the person is planning to visit, the activities he/she is going to do, and the events he/she is planning to attend.
  • The main purpose of the invitation letter is to convey to the visa officials that the host will financially support the guest or invitee in the letter. This not only includes their staying arrangements but also their day-to-day needs, and travel expenses.
  • The host must mention the dates the guest will be entering and exiting Turkey.
  • The host’s telephone number and email address should be mentioned in the letter. This is crucial as the embassy or consulate officials may contact the host to verify some information.

Document Requirements for Turkey Invitation Letter

The letter of invitation cannot be a standalone document. It is important to provide some supporting documents to verify the claims made in the letter. Here are Turkey invitation letter requirements:

  • Copy of the host’s passport along with valid Turkey visa (scanned)
  • Scanned proof of rental contract or home ownership
  • Scanned copies of the host’s financial documents, including bank statements and sponsorship letters.
  • The guest’s travel itinerary.

Sample of Turkey Invitation Letter

Referring to some sample invitation letters for Turkey visa would make it easy to write one. Here is a sample Turkey invitation letter written addressed to a Turkey Embassy.

Embassy of Turkey
(Address of the host)
Letter of Invitation for (name of the visitor along with his/her passport number)

Dear Sir/Madam,

I (name of the host) am writing this letter in support of the visitor visa application of (the guest’s name).
(Guest’s name) is the citizen of (name of the country) and is my (relation with the guest). His home address is (mention guest’s address) and his phone number is (mention the guest’s phone number).

I am a permanent resident or citizen of Turkey and live at (host’s address). I work as (host’s occupation) at (company name and address) and earn a net income of (amount) per year. I invite (guest’s name) to stay with me at my home from (date of entry) to (date of exit) for (reason for visit).

I kindly request that (guest’s name) visa is approved for the entire duration mentioned above. I take complete responsibility of his well-being during his stay in Turkey. He will be staying at my house. I assure you that (guest’s name) will leave the country before the expiration of his visa.

Kindly find the necessary documents attached with this letter, including the itinerary.
Awaiting your favorable response.
Thanking you,
(Name of the host)
(Date of birth)
(Host’s address)
(Host’s phone number)
(Host’s signature)

The letter of invitation should be sent to the guest via email. It is the responsibility of the guest or the visa applicant to take a printout of the letter and include it along with all the documents that one needs to submit along with the visa application form at the Turkish embassy or consulate on the date of appointment.

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