Turkey Visa: Important Requirements for Turkey Visa Photo

Applying for a Turkey visa requires you to submit a list of documents. The documents provide a strong support system to back up your visa application form. It is a way to confirm that the details provided in the application form are correct or true. One of the most important documents is the photograph. Your passport-size photograph is proof of your identity. But you cannot submit any photo you have at hand. It is crucial to submit the right photograph to ensure your visa application is approved. Here are all the details you should know about Turkey visa photo requirements.

Turkey Visa Photo Specifications

Image of passport and visa application form

These are the specifications that you need to keep in mind while submitting your photographs for your Turkey visa application.

Size/Dimension: The Turkey visa photo size should be 50mm x 60mm. Most of the photo should consist of your head. The measurement from the top of your hair to the bottom of your chin should be 32mm x 36mm. The space between the picture frame and your image should be 3mm x 5mm. Your neck and shoulders should be visible in the photo.

Color: The Turkey visa photo should be a colored one. Black and white photos are not accepted for Turkey visa applications. The lighting should not be too dark or too light. Your natural skin tone should be reflected in the photo. Avoid shadows in the image.

Background: The background of the photo should be white. Any other color in the background will be rejected. It should also be plain. Patterns on the background are not allowed. No other object should be present behind you.

Head Position: The head should be 80% of the photo. It is necessary to ensure that your head is kept straight, facing the camera. You should not tilt or turn your head in any direction.

Eyes: Your eyes should stay open in a normal manner and should look directly into the camera. Photos with closed eyes, eyes looking away, or eyes squinting at the camera will be rejected. Photos with red eyes will also not be accepted. It is also not a good idea to remove the red eyes digitally. It is best to get another one clicked. If you are wearing glasses, make sure the frames are not thick. Your glasses should not cover your eyes. Your eye color should be clearly visible.

Facial Expression: Your facial expression should be neutral. Your mouth should be closed. You should not smile or show your teeth in the photo.

Photo Quality: High-resolution photos are a must. Blurred photos can cause visa rejection. Make sure your photos are clear and have the right contrast. Also, there should not be any creases or marks on the photo.

Head Gear and Accessories: Head gear in the form of caps and hats are not allowed. You can wear headgear only if it is for religious reasons. Even in this case, your facial features should be clearly visible. But you must avoid other accessories that obscure your facial features. Sunglasses or tinted lenses must be avoided.

Turkey Visa Requirements for Kids

The Turkey visa photo requirements for minors are like those for adults. Kids should stand straight against a white background with a neutral expression. Parents or guardians should make sure that their mouths remain closed. Their eyes should be open and look straight into the camera. All their facial features should be visible.

There is some leeway for Turkey visa photo requirements for babies. Their mouths may remain open, although it is important that their eyes are open. You can lay them on the bed or seat them on a baby chair. But the background should be white. You can use a white sheet to lay or seat them.

Dos and Don’ts for Turkey Visa Photo

  • Your photo should be a recent one, not older than six months. It should be like your current appearance. If you are sporting a beard in the photo, you should have one even while traveling to Turkey.
  • You can wear your glasses if they are not covering your eyes. The color of your eyes should be seen clearly. It should not be obscured by lenses or any kind of shadow.
  • You must refrain from wearing sunglasses or tinted glasses.
  • There are no rules for the type of dress you must wear while taking the picture. It is best not to wear white to avoid blending with the background.
  • Do not make any digital modifications to your photo. If you have a mole or a scar on your face, do not get it removed digitally. It should be visible in your visa photo.
  • While taking photos of children or babies, hands holding them should not be visible in the photo. The face of parents or guardians also should not be visible in the photo.

Regarding Turkey visa, there is no rule that you must take it at a photo studio. You can take the photo at home with the help of a family member or friend. But the photo should meet all the requirements mentioned above. If you do not have the necessary equipment or conditions to take the photo on your own, it is best to go to a photo studio. Remember that you cannot submit selfies for your Turkey visa photo.

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