Canada Visa Photo Size and Requirements 2024 (Updated)

The photos you submit during your Canada visa application are the smallest among the list of supporting documents. But that does not make them inconsequential. You cannot submit any photograph that you have in hand. The Canadian Government has defined certain photograph specifications that every visa applicant has to adhere to. Right from the size of the photograph to the expression on your face, everything should be as per the Canada visa photo requirements. If the photos are not in the right order, your visa may get rejected even if you have submitted all the proper documents. To avoid visa application rejection, follow this visa photo guide.

Things to Keep in Mind While Submitting Photos for a Canada Visa

Canada Visa Application

Photo Size: The Canada visa photo size should be 35mm X 45mm. Your entire face and the upper part of your shoulders should be visible in the photograph. The head size in the photo should be 31 mm x 36 mm (from crown to chin).

Recent Photos: The photos you send for the Canada visa application should be recent. They should not be older than 6 months. You must not send photos that were taken years ago. It should match your current appearance.

Facial Clarity: All the facial features should be clearly seen. Your hair should not cover your ears or eyes. If you wear prescription glasses, they should not be tinted. Your eyes should be clearly seen through the lens. Do not wear sunglasses while taking the visa photograph.

Head Position and Expression: You should hold your head straight while taking the photograph. Photographs with any kind of head tilt will not be accepted. Similarly, your expression should be neutral. Avoid smiling, frowning, and laughing in the photos. Keep your mouth closed, and avoid showing your teeth, too.

Color and Background: Your Canada visa photo can be in color or black and white. The background should be kept white or any other light color. There should be no patterns in the background. It should be plain.

Dress Code: There is no dress code for Canada visa photos. But it is best to dress simply, either in casual or formal clothes. Avoid flashy clothes. It is also best not to dress in white. Opt for a darker color to create contrast with the background.

Head Cover and Accessories: Head cover should be avoided, except for religious reasons. You can wear accessories, but they should not hamper or alter your appearance.

Photo Clarity: There are a few things that you should keep in mind to ensure that your Canada visa photo has the perfect clarity:

  • The photo should not be blurred.
  • There should be no shadow on the face or in the background.
  • The lighting should be perfect. It should not be over-lit or under-lit.
  • There should be no reflection in the lens of your glass.
  • The frames of your glasses should not cover your eyes.
  • The photo should not have an unnatural color.
  • The photo should not look washed out.
  • The face should not be covered with hair, a veil, or a mask.
  • Skin tone should be natural.
  • No digital alterations should be done.

Canada Visa Photo Requirements for Babies

Every person, even a kid – including newborn babies – needs a Canada tourist visa to travel to Canada. You need to apply for a separate visa for children as well. As it is not possible to follow all the rules while taking photos of babies for a visa, there is some leeway. Here are some things you should consider while submitting visa photos for babies.

  • You can keep the baby either in a lying position or a sitting position (in a car seat). Use a solid, white-colored cloth as the background in either case.
  • Your hands should not be seen in the photo if you hold the child upright.
  • Make sure the child’s face is directly facing the camera. Their mouth should remain closed.
  • The baby’s head should not be too close or far from the camera.

Guarantor Specifications

Just submitting the photos is not enough. Certain information about the applicant and the guarantor (photographer) should be provided behind the photographs. You must include the following details behind the photograph:

  • Name of the applicant
  • The date on which the photo was taken
  • The address of the photo studio (stamp of the studio or handwritten by the photographer)
  • The photographer’s name and signature ensure that the photo is that of the applicant.

The photo requirements mentioned above are the same for all kinds of Canada visas, be it Canada tourist visa, Canada transit visa, or Canada student visa. If you follow all the requirements correctly to submit the visa photos, the chances of your Canada visa approval are high. If your photos are not up to the standard, you will be asked to submit your photos again. This will lead to a delay in your visa process. So, to avoid this, give equal importance to the visa photos, just like the other documents.

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