UAE/Dubai Visa Photo Size and Guidelines 2024

The first thing to do when you want to visit Dubai is check whether you need a Dubai visa. Citizens of almost 140 countries need to apply for a Dubai tourist visa beforehand. This entails submitting several documents, including a passport, financial documents, flight tickets, etc. You also need to submit your photographs while applying for a Dubai visa. A photograph may seem like a minor document, but getting it wrong can lead to rejecting your visa application. Hence, submitting the right photographs becomes important. This Dubai visa photo guide will help you.

How to Choose the Right Dubai Visa Photo?

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One of the best tips for a successful visa application is to submit the right documents at the right time. This includes your photograph. You cannot send a random photograph as it is an official document for your visa application. Along with adhering to the Dubai visa photo size requirements, you should look at factors like background, lighting, facial expression, photo quality, and clothing. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you submit a photograph for your Dubai visa.

What should be the right size of your visa photo?

The expected photo size for the Dubai visa is 45 mm x 35 mm. The photo should not be larger or smaller than this. If the Dubai visa photo size specifications are not met, your visa application is likely to be rejected. The photo should fit the area specified in the visa application form.

How should the background look?

The Dubai visa photo background color should be white. Photos with dark-colored backgrounds will not be accepted. Similarly, the background should not have any patterns or designs. It should be a plain one.

Should you smile in the picture?

No. Your facial expression for the visa photo should be neutral. Refrain from smiling or frowning in the picture. Your mouth should remain closed.

Where should you look?

You should have a straight profile for the visa photo. You should look directly at the camera. Photos with side profiles or slight head tilts will not be accepted. Also, make sure that your eyes remain open. 80% of the photo should be your face.

Should the photo be in black and white or color?

Visa photos should be colored. You should not submit black-and-white photos. The colors should be balanced properly. Photos should not be too bright or too dull. Fluorescent lights should be avoided. Also, there should be no shadows over the photos. It is necessary to prevent red eyes.

What should you wear while taking the photo?

There is no dress code when it comes to visa photos. You can wear your regular clothes while getting your photo clicked. It would be best to wear dark-colored clothes as the background is white. Avoid wearing white colored clothes so that you do not blend with the background. It is also best to avoid wearing a uniform for your photo. If you wear glasses, make sure that there is no glare on the lens. The specs should not cast a shadow on your face. Photos of people wearing sunglasses will be rejected.

Can I wear headgear while taking the photo?

Head gears are a total no when it comes to visa photos. However, religious head gears like a hijab (for Muslims) or a turban (for Sikhs) are acceptable unless it does not cover your face. But you should completely avoid hats and caps of any kind.

Can I submit an old photograph?

Thinking of submitting a visa photo that was taken years ago? This can cause visa application rejection. The photograph you submit should not be older than six months at the time of submission. The photo should match your current appearance. For instance, if you currently have a clean-shaven look and a beard in the photo, your visa might get rejected.

What should the quality of the photo be?

The visa photo should have a high resolution. Those applying for a Dubai e-visa should submit a photo with a minimum of 600 x 600 pixels. The digital photo size should not be over 100 KB. Choose JPG or JPEG format. The photos should be printed on high-quality paper for physical visa applications. These photos should not be torn or crumpled.

Is it ok to use filters to enhance the photo?

Your Dubai visa photos should not be enhanced digitally. The photo should reflect your actual skin tone. If you have any visible marks on your face, they should appear as they are in the photo as well.

Dubai Visa Photo Rules for Kids

Taking pictures of kids, especially babies, for a Dubai visa can be tricky. While there is some leniency in such cases, there are rules that parents and guardians must follow while taking photos of kids for visa application:

  • For babies, lie them down on a flat surface and click the picture from above.
  • The child should be alone in the photos. Toys, chair backs, or people should not be visible in the photos.
  • The child should look directly into the camera.
  • The child’s expression should be neutral. His/her mouth should remain closed.
  • The child’s facial features should be visible. His/her eyes should be open.

Certain rules like facial expression, position of the face, line of sight, etc., may be waived off for kids under ten years.

Consider these questions in your checklist before submitting your photographs for your Dubai visa application. Getting it right will increase the chance of getting your Dubai visa.

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