Updated Singapore Visa Photo Size Guide 2024

When applying for a Singapore visa, it is necessary to submit a list of documents, including a passport. One of the most important Singapore visa requirements is a passport-size photograph. However, submitting a random photograph from your recent holiday is unacceptable. Sending a photo that does not match the requirements specified by the Singapore embassy or consulate can lead to the rejection of your visa application. Hence, it is highly crucial to follow the Singapore visa photo requirements. Here are the latest Singapore visa photo guidelines that every applicant needs to follow.

Singapore Visa Photo Requirements

Visa Photo Requirements

The photo guidelines mentioned here are applicable to all types of Singapore visas, including Singapore tourist visas, Singapore permanent residence visas, and Singapore transit visas. A digital copy of the photo is enough for online application, while the photo should be printed in matte or semi-matte paper for physical application.

Size: The Singapore visa photo size should be 35mm wide x 45mm high. 80% of the photo should be your face. It is important to ensure your facial features are clearly seen in the photograph. Your hair and shoulders should also be completely visible in the photo. If you have long hair, keep it away from your face. In the case of online visa submission, the dimension of the photo should be 400 x 514 pixels.

Color: The photo should be in color. Black and white photos will not be accepted. The actual skin tone of the person should be visible.

Background: The background of the Singapore visa photo should be white. It should be plain. Photographs with colored or patterned backgrounds are not acceptable.

Dress Code: There is no prescribed dress code for Singapore visa photos. However, it would be best not to wear flashy clothes. Moreover, as the photo’s background is white, one must avoid wearing white clothes. Wear dark-colored clothes to create a contrast.

Head Gear: Head gear like hats, caps, and other accessories should not be worn while taking a photo for a Singapore visa. However, headgear worn for religious reasons is acceptable. Nevertheless, ensure that your face is visible in the photo.

Lighting: The lighting is critical while photographing for a Singapore visa. The photo should not be too bright, nor should it be too dim. Avoid lighting that is too harsh. It is also important to ensure the lighting does not produce shadows or glare on the photo. Reflection from a flash should also be avoided.

Facial Expression: Your facial expression should be neutral. It is best not to laugh, grin, or frown in the photograph. Keep your mouth closed. However, a formal smile is acceptable. Ensure the photo is a front-facing shot with eyes looking at the camera. Photos that have a side profile or downcast eyes will be rejected.

Focus: The Singapore visa photograph should be clear and sharp. Do not submit a photo that is out of focus or blurred. Pixelated photographs will not be accepted. Also, avoid submitting warped, elongated, or mirror-flipped photos.

Age of the Photo: The photograph should be a recent one. You must not submit a photograph that is older than three months. If the photo you submit has been taken three months before, it will likely be rejected.

Spectacles and Lenses: Wearing spectacles for a Singapore visa photo is acceptable. However, if the rim is so thick that it covers your eyes, it is best not to wear it while taking the photo. Moreover, there should be no glare or reflection on the glass. The glasses you wear should not be tinted. Apart from this, refrain from wearing colored contact lenses. Your natural eye color should be visible in the photo.

No Digital Alterations: Refrain from digitally editing your photos to remove red eyes, tattoos, birthmarks, scars, etc. The photo should show all your natural features, including scars and marks. In the case of red eye, it is best to take another photograph with different lighting to avoid it.

Singapore Visa Photo Requirements for Infants

Every person traveling to Singapore needs a visa, even if it is a newborn baby. The photograph requirements for babies are the same as those for adults. Still, there are certain things that you need to keep in mind while taking a Singapore visa photo for infants.

  • Use a white cloth or sheet in the background to make it look clean.
  • Keep the baby lying down or seat him or her in a car seat to take the picture.
  • If you are holding the baby, make sure your hands are not visible in the photos.
  • Ensure no toys, bottles, or pacifiers are in the photo. There should be no items in the baby’s mouth or hands.
  • The baby’s mouth should be closed, and eyes should be open. Make sure that the infant is looking directly at the camera.
  • Try different angles while taking the photo so the flash is away from their eyes. This will help to avoid red eye.

Tips for Taking Photo with a Phone Camera

Although taking a photo for a Singapore visa at a photo studio is best, photos taken with a phone camera are also acceptable. However, these photos should fulfill the Singapore visa photo rules and regulations.

  • Always use a mobile app to photograph visas, passports, and other essential identity cards. A few examples are Singapore IC, Singapore Passport, etc.
  • Never use photo editing software to alter or enhance the photograph.
  • Take the help of another person to take your visa photo. Selfies are not acceptable for a Singapore visa.


Many people do not give much importance to a photograph for a Singapore visa application. But it is crucial to remember that the photograph is as important as the other documents. So, get it right to ensure that your Singapore visa is approved.

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